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Hollister is A spin off brand from the house of abercrombie and fitch. The most popular university casual wear brand worldwide, catering for teenagers and young adults. It was ranked as the second most preferred clothing brand of US teens on a long list of actual West Coast companies in 2008 by Piper Jaffray.

Hollister Co., frequently advertised as Hollister or HCo., is definitely an American lifestyle brand owned by abercrombie and fitch Co. Hollister Co. does not bill itself as a hardcore surf line. According to abercrombie and fitch spokesperson Hampton Carney, “We’re not going after the ‘core surfing market. It’s more about the life style and inspiration, rather than the actual activity.”

Hollister products are many, including: Accessories, Activewear, Bags & Luggage, Bags & Luggage, Bags & Packs, Boys' Fashion, Coats & Jackets, Dresses, Fashion, Girls' Fashion, Handbags & Purses, Handbags & Purses, Intimates, Jeans & Pants, Jewelry & Watches, Jewelry & Watches, Kids' Fashion, Men's Fashion, Men's Jewelry & Watches, Men's Shoes, Men's Wallets, Shirts, Shoes, Shoes, Skirts, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Tops, Underwear & Socks, Women's Fashion, Women's Jewelry & Watches, Women's Shoes

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Hollister Canada: Hollister’s performance has improved considerably over the past several quarters, thanks to its updated merchandise portfolio and in-store environment. The management has dialed down the steamy sex-appeal aura of its stores and overhauled the back end of the brand to improve the speed to market. Hollister has now been affixed with a ‘fast fashion’ tag and rightly so. If you want fashionable clothes, be sure to buy Hollister. Hollister now is free shipping and up to 50% off winter sale.

Hollister Co: Clothing offerings by Hollister Co. include but is not limited to "graphic" and "crew & tee" shirts, polos, Henleys, cardigans, shirts, pullovers, outerwear, rinse or wash slim jeans, flip-flops, cologne or perfume, boxers, accessories, and so on. Whatever you want to buy, here everything.

Hollister Co Sale: Abercrombie and fitch’s management has been making changes proactively in order to ensure that its brands can regain some of their former glory. Within a span of one year, the entire merchandise portfolio has been revamped from mostly basic-logo to mostly classic and fashion forward. Hollister has been at the forefront of this chang. Now, the high visibility of Hollister, both adults and children know, come to visit us.

Hollister Co Online: Hollister logo, is well known, very popular with young people of all ages. All in all, Hollister is a good brand reputation, and its variety of products, high quality, fashion models, more importantly, the price is very cheap. Worth buying!

Hollister (Hollister Co.) brand, generally called "Hollister", or simply HCO, seagulls. US high-end casual clothing brand abercrombie and fitch owned a Vice-line brand, Hollister for young men and women, and strive to reflect the Southern California beach surf style, using relatively abercrombie and fitch more affordable material, corresponding Hollister's prices are cheaper than abercrombie and fitch.


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